The HLIC Movie Featuring Darlene Brown

Darlene Brown
Tells her story of going from Tragedy to Triumph

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The HLIC Movie features
33 successful women who faced dire circumstances and
their fear to move into a place of fulfillment and abundance.

Now they are ready to give back, to share their intimate stories with you.
You'll be enlightened and encouraged every time you watch!

What kind of opportunities
are you missing out on?

Are you still involved
with Self Sabotage?

Without your foundation in place,
You can't build your empire. Learn the secrets
to self love and how to truly go after your destiny

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The HLIC Movie was an idea from Executive Producers Dr. Che Brown and Trevor Otts. HLIC stands for Head Ladies in Charge. Directed by Dr. Letitia Wright, this movie features 33 women who tell their unique perspective on a turning point in their lives. For some it meant life or death! For others I meant becoming who they really were or just staying in a miserable state. No matter who you are, you will find a solution for one of your life's dilemmas when you watch The HLIC Movie

Who will benefit the most from watching the HLIC Movie?

  • Anyone who feels frustrated with their career
  • Anyone who has a hard time forgiving
  • Anyone who can't seem to move forward
  • Anyone who is harboring anger towards family members
  • Anyone looking for the keys to a successful marriage
  • Anyone who wants to make a "Come-back"
  • Anyone who is running out of hope
  • Anyone who loves to be inspired towards their goals

This movie is for you!!